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All you need to know about Open eShop

In the list below you can find many guides that could be enough to get you started with selling digital goods with Open eShop, when you would like to get support from our team directly then consider getting a hosting plan or a support pack. If you already did then please open a ticket at our support system

Basics of Open eShop

Start from a scratch with Open eShop solutions!

What is Open eShop?
Software Requirements and Hosting Providers
Installation Process
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Premium Paid Features

Pay once and benefit without restrictions

Is a Premium Theme right for me?
What Premium Themes Open eShop use and how to Configure them?
How to change theme?

Set up payments

Useful tips about pricing and making money with your online store

What Payment Gateways are compatible with Open eShop?
How to Add a new Order and why?
How to Sell Online Without Commissions?

Want to contribute to the software?

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