We are releasing 1.8.X since we have modified a lot in the panel and we are not selling any more in code canyon.

Since 1.7.0 we tried to sell our premium themes using code canyon but the experiment it’s been terrible:

  • We have done less sales than normal (6 in 2 months), for a total of $150 (didn’t get any money yet).
  • Many complains about the software quality or price ($50),  because it’s true our software is far from perfect and clients wanted perfection.
  • Customers threatening us and insulting us in the comments. (comments removed but quite significant)
  • People redistributing our files (found it in sharing networks)
  • No licensing system, so no control on redistribution.
  • Multiple installations for one purchase, which the license indicated was not allowed.
  • Terrible support from code canyon, took an average of 5 days to answer any question.
  • Refunded a client which has his site live and never even got a notification from code canyon.

All of that to get $25 for each sale (50%), taxes not deducted.

Not worth at all. I do not recommend it to anyone, download Open eShop and distribute your files your self!

If you have bought from code canyon in this last weeks, please contact us directly with your purchase and I will give you a license to use our software, since now will be required again.

Open eShop will remain on active development since we use it on daily basis to sell our other software and to give support. It’s sad since I never expected it to have so many problems to keep the project alive. But things are like this.

I wont’be reviewing the free forums anymore since a lack of time. We will only provide support if you pay for any of our products that includes support. I am sorry for that.

Let’s stop complaining and let’s talk about this new release.

What’s new on 1.8.0?

  • Entire new admin panel
  • Improved domain detector
  • Cookies consent
  • Delete cascading issues
  • Improved Goals tracking for eCommerce on G.Analytics
  • Increased required version of PHP to 5.5

How to Update?

Please follow the instructions carefully to prevent from getting into any errors. Be aware that you will need at least PHP 5.5.

  1. Make a backup of all your files and DB (recommended)
  2. Log in at your OE admin panel
  3. Activate the default theme if you had a premium theme
  4. Download latest 1.8.0 and extract the files in its folder
  5. Enable maintenance mode
  6. Open your FTP or your website file manager
  7. Delete all files in your website folder except for the following:
    1. robots.txt
    2. /oc/config/auth.php
    3. /oc/config/database.php
    4. .htaccess
    5. /images/
    6. /data/
    7. and /themes/ if you had a custom theme.
  8. Now upload to your folder all files we extracted earlier except for the files we mentioned in the previous step and the “/install” folder
  9. Run in your browser http://yourdomain.com/oc-panel/update/database?from_version=1.1
  10. Ready!



If you are running a version of OE older than 1.4 you will get this message after updating:

Fatal error: Class ‘Database_Mysql’ not found , to fix it follow this short guide.

Then execute at your browser again: http://yourdomain.com/oc-panel/update/database?from_version=1.1


If you accidentally have clicked on update, please follow the manual update instructions.


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Regards from Open eShop team


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