Although it hasn’t been a long time since last release but today we’re releasing 1.7.1 mainly to put the new demo in play for everyone to try the software and enjoy all the features before making a purchase. We’ve also solved reported bugs making Open eShop a better tool to start an online digital goods store. In this post I will be talking a bit about the new demo and follow it with the update instructions.

The new demo site is a dummy digital goods store where you can login as admin, check all premium features and premium themes to make sure that Open eShop is the right software for your online store idea.

There are many features in Open eShop left neglected by users like the support tickets system, coupons and discounts, and the smart demo bar. In this demo website you can create products, add snippets as demo for the products, use already existing coupons and create new ones and basically try out every feature available in Open eShop.

You can follow this link to check out our Open eShop demo, and you can login as admin using the following credentials:

e-mail: [email protected]
Password: demo

How to update?

Really important that you do not execute the automatic update from your OE admin panel since it won’t work! read these instructions carefully.

If you can’t update your site we offer the update service for $50.

Manual update

Please follow the instructions carefully to prevent from getting into any errors.

  1. Make a backup of all your files and DB (recommended)
  2. Log in at your OE admin panel
  3. Activate the default theme if you had a premium theme
  4. Download latest 1.7.1 and extract the files in its folder
  5. Enable maintenance mode
  6. Open your FTP or your website file manager
  7. Delete all files in your website folder except for the following:
    1. robots.txt
    2. /oc/config/auth.php
    3. /oc/config/database.php
    4. .htaccess
    5. /images/
    6. /data/
    7. and /themes/ if you had a custom theme.
  8. Now upload to your folder all files we extracted earlier except for the files we mentioned in the previous step and the “/install” folder
  9. Run in your browser
  10. Ready!



If you are running a version of OE older than 1.4 you will get this message after updating:

Fatal error: Class ‘Database_Mysql’ not found , to fix it follow this short guide.

Then execute at your browser again:


If you accidentally have clicked on update, please follow the manual update instructions.


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Regards from Open eShop team

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