On the 10th of November 2013 we posted a blog post announcing the launching of Open eShop and releasing it for free use to anyone who wants to sell ebooks, music, pdfs, software packages or any other digital good.

What happened with Open eShop in the past year

Since that post Open eShop has come a very long way, got many improvements and additions that made it able to compete with any other eCommerce software and making it a top-notch script to sell digital goods. And we’re really proud to announce that the software has been downloaded by 1800 users and we’re looking forward to send it to more.

However, since the software is still young we still need to do a lot of work to get it to those who need it, right now there could be someone who wants to sell his/her digital goods but they are unable to find out about Open eShop, and we wish to be able to deliver the software easily to them.

Our birthday gift

We’ve also prepared a very thorough comparison between Open eShop and other scripts to sell digital goods which we will be publishing soon. But until that time we’re glad to announce that we are celebrating the software 1 year birthday with all of you through a very special offer that will last for only one week.

The offer is a 50% discount on any Open eShop premium theme, which means you can get any premium theme with half price for one week from today and the discount offer will end on the 17th of November 2014. This will give you access to a white-labeled theme and you get to enjoy all of Open eShop premium features for only half the price.

Enjoy the offered discount on Kamaleon, CZSale or Olson and share the good news about the offer with your friends since the offer is only valid for a short period.

Want to check other cool things we’re working on? we’re launching tomorrow a brand new service which you can check here: http://yclas.com

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