Open eShop is an Open Source script. We´re giving the eCommerce for free but we ask in return to get recognition of our work and that anyone using the software for free to leave the license information in their website footer, so please do not remove the following information

You are allowed to use our software completely for free. The only thing we ask you in return is to give a recognition of our work and to keep license information in the footer – we kindly ask you to not remove the following information: © Web Powered by Open eShop 2009 – 2014. And of course this line is removed automatically when you purchase a premium theme.

With the free version you will also notice the ads in your admin panel:
The only way to remove the admin panel ads and the footer line is to get a commercial lifetime license for Open eShop. You can get that license by either purchasing one of our premium themes or through getting a hosting plan with Inmotion hosting following the link at our website

Licensing & our values:

It’s a main part of our values to give the software for free and allow everyone to enjoy it, that’s one thing we favor in working with open source software, as you may have read somewhere else on our website, Open eShop came out to fill a need that we had while selling our other script Open Classifieds, so basically it has been serving its purpose perfectly for us, with the support system, multiple payment gateways and all other features we put into the software because we knew it was going to be useful for us.

But we really feel bad when someone takes our work without giving recognition to the people behind it, so we kindly ask you to respect our licensing rules and purchase a premium theme, which not only removes the Open eShop license from your website footer but also gives you access to awesome features that help you sell online better.

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