Some of the first things you should do when starting to sell things online is to actually put your website on maintenance mode until you’re ready to launch the site. You don’t want any potential clients to come to your website before it’s ready and take a bad impression of your services or products.

Activating maintenance mode means that your website can only be accessed by the administrators, which means no one would be able to buy or check any of your digital goods unless you deactivate maintenance mode.

You have to be careful to deactivate maintenance mode when you’re ready to launch your website, it’s actually very easy to forget deactivating that feature especially if you didn’t do any testing from the user side and when you have automatic log in activated.

To activate maintenance mode please follow those steps:

1. Go to Admin Panel

2. Select Settings > General

3. Set Maintenance Mode option to ON

4. Click Update button

Once you’re done with that your users will see a message telling them that the site is under maintenance now and wont be able to see anything else unless they have an admin profile.

It is also advised to activate maintenance mode whenever you’re making any changes on your online store, from adding new categories or products to making any design changes or updating the software and you don’t want anyone to access the site yet.

If you haven’t started to sell digital goods yet, then don’t stop and wait! it’s available now for free and here is the download link

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