The response is very simple! With Open eShop you can sell all kind of digital goods you want to! The variety of options to sell is never-ending. It can be downloads or tangible goods. There is no limit to the ideas you can get.

If you’re not creating the products that you want to sell then my advise would be to find some demand for a product and try to cover that demand by selling it.

The most common goods to sell online:

1. e-books

Any kind of book that’s written by you or written by someone else, here you can sell PDFs and the buyers can get the links to download them. Remember that you can also give them for free if you set the price to zero.

2. Pictures & photos

Either pictures that you edited on your computer or just collections of photos that you spent time on gathering, you can also sell the photos you take with your digital camera or scans of old historical photos, as I said earlier in the post, the options are limitless.

3. Digital music

Here we refer to any kind of music that you created with musical instruments or if you know how to sing and want to sell what you sing then you can sell your songs with Open eShop.

4. Audio products

Audio products can range from short tones to full recordings of lectures or any kind of sound, make use of your audio products collection and start selling it online.

5. Video training course

Everyone is good at something, pick the thing that you’re good at, record some videos teaching it and upload it to your online store, you can also record some interesting videos and rather than posting them on Youtube, Vimeo or any other free website you can offer the videos for sale at your own digital goods store with Open eShop.

6. Web services – software programs

You’re a software or web developer? then Open eShop is definitely the best tool for you to sell software solutions that you created. We use it to sell our classifieds script (with more than 300k downloads) Open Classifieds and the support system available with Open eShop gives you the best tool to communicate with your users.

7. Designed web graphics – templates

Web designers would love to have their own space where they could sell their art and designs, you don’t need a third party platform to sell your designs for you and charge you for commissions. Even if you’re not a designer you can sell collections that have some value.

8. Artwork

We’re creative in our nature and love to create, some of us are artists and know how to come up with great creations which would be worth money and give the artist a chance to earn money for his work on his own website, so you can sell your fashion designs, collection of digital artwork or anything you can think of.

Although I’ve listed some product options that you can sell online but trust me, your imagination is the limit of what you can do. And when you find a good opportunity seize it and don’t hesitate.

  • Watcharapong Kumsaen

    I ca n not add picture for new product

  • Chema


    First of all please use our forums. Second no need to post it in 2 different blog posts here also, wont be any faster like that.

    Lastly, is your hosting compatible? can the script write into the folder images? does it have permissions? whats your URL?

  • Laird Stewart Walker

    is there a way to your own products to open eshop Allowed product formats

    i am looking to add .apk files to my site

  • Chema

    sure, check in product settings to add a new format, or upload in .ZIP thats all ;) whats your website URL?

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