The top menu is an easy way for your users to navigate around your digital goods store, and you might want to customize that top menu to suit your preferences. Open eShop offers that feature and it’s very simple to implement and choose some cool icons for your top menu items.

Our ecommerce script offers an easy-to-use tool that let you  modify the menu bar.

Follow this few steps:

1. Login at the Panel
2. Go to left sidebar (Appearance > Menu)
3. Fill the form
4. Click Save
5. Ready!


Also, at the top right area of the page you can find a place where it says Menu type.

Here you will find some options to choose concerning adding a category or a default page from those that we already have.

Also after adding the items you will be able to sort them with drag & drop or delete them.

Just play around a bit and check the result at your site. ;)

TIP: You can add icons to your menu item easily through the form. You can find available a plenty of icons to choose.

Do you find useful this feature for your online store? Which links added to your top menu are the best for you? We are waiting for your comments below!

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