Few days ago we did a release for Open eShop 1.6.0, today we are releasing 1.6.1 since I’ve made a terrible error on Stripe’s payment controller.

People were able to buy products from stripe without getting charged. Only sites with version 1.6 and stripe enabled can be affected and there is a solution to get your money ;)

You can update your site by going to oc-panel->updates->check for updates->update

Or you can just simply replace this file:
With this one stripe.php(right click & save as)

To see if you are affected, go to oc-panel->orders and check orders paid via stripe.

Then go to your stripe dashboard and check if the orders are showing there. In case of a payment that is not in there, do not worry, using the token from Stripe you can still charge your client. Any doubts about this write in the comments below.

I am truly sorry if this affected you, we faced this issue during the weekend and found out few minutes ago.

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