Widgets are very useful elements of your digital goods store interface they provide an easy way to navigate and access different parts of your website, giving a better experience for your online buyers. You can select which one you want to activate and embed it on your website. And with our script for selling digital goods there is no limit for adding the widgets per page.

To see the list of widgets go to Panel, select Appearance and choose Widgets from the left sidebar or simply select this option from the bookmark in the headline.

Select a widget and press Create. Choose the place where you want a widget displayed (sidebar, footer or header). In the same way you can render widgets inoperative by selecting an option Inactive. Finish up with the rest of the settings and hit Save Changes.

On the right side of the screen you can see all created widgets. You can always edit them. Change the place and order of displaying the widget simply by dragging and dropping.

After creating or editing the widgets changes might not be visible on the site unless you delete cache (Tools > Cache on the left sidebar and press Delete all).

Available widgets:

  • Categories
    Displays banner with a list of categories and subcategories for improving navigation between them (see: How to add categories and manage them?).
  • Text
    Place on the site a banner where you can put basically whatever you want. It could be text or HTML code.
  • Share
    On the page there will be displayed buttons enabling users to share the content in the social media.
  • Links
    Create a link network to navigate the information easily on your website.
  • Coupon
    Widgets that show you all available discounts and let you add them easily.
  • Search
    Facilitate the users to find the information by the option of advanced search.
  • Chat
    Widget that allows you to chat with your users.
  • Pages
    Displays banner with a links to existing CMS pages (see: How to add pages?).
  • RSS
    RSS reader to publish news from selected RSS channels.
  • Disqus
    Widget to displays latest comments using Disqus.
  • Product Reviews
    Displays the added product Reviews (with an option to setting up the review limit).
  • Best Rated
    Displays the best rated products (you can regulate how many products should be displayed).
  • Forum topics
    Easy way to build, establish and keep contact with users by offering support and letting them express their own opinion.
  • Products
    Displays the list of products – you might regulate the type of products to display (latest, featured products or popular last month) and the number of products.

Have you found an awesome way to use widgets with Open eShop? share it with us at the comment section below!

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