Sending newsletters is a very essential tool for your digital goods store and with Open eShop you can send newsletters to all registered users and filter recipients according to their purchase status. To start sending go to go to Panel and choose Content > Newsletters from the left sidebar.

To send a message fill in form:

To: choose one of the options who should receive the message
From: write the name that will be displayed as sender
From Email: type the email that will be displayed for recipients – all replies will be directed to this address
Subject: topic of the message
Message: body of the email, you can use formatting


If you need to change more advanced settings choose Email > Settings where you can configure your email options.

When you hit Send your message will be sent to the number of recipients that is shown in the grey field at the top of the newsletter box.


All registered users will get your message as a blind copy – details of other users won’t be shown.

Please note that emails will be sent from server which may cause problems when sending newsletters to a large number of recipients. If you need to send many emails with a high delivery rate check a professional tool like ElasticEmail. If you are not sure how to manage it, the following link let you know How to Configure ElasticEmail on Open eShop.

Do you have your own insights or experience with newsletters? share it with us in the comment section below.


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