You may hear from people that offering promotional discounts and coupons for your customers could contribute to reducing your profit and might give the “desperate for sales” impression. Do you believe in this theory? Nothing could be more wrong! Coupons and discounts are great tools to activate the sales, make a direct impact on customers’ actions and improve your brand image! Below you can find some reasons why we strongly agree with using coupons and discounts.

8 reasons why offering coupons and discounts for selling goods online is a good investment

1. Save your time – sell promptly

These tools let you sell digital goods as soon as possible, when there is a deal people rush to take advantage of that discount and your sales ration will accelerate. It can be especially useful for neglected products.

2. Boost the number of selling products

You would be able to see the increasing interest for your products – clients promotions are always a very tempting options! Upselling and cross-selling methods can be profitable when the customers will decide on buying more related items, upgrades, or other add-ons.

3. Increase traffic to your website

Clients will be more involved in purchasing process which means that they will enter your website more frequently. When they are interested in buying one product, there is the possibility that other goods will be adjust to their preferences as well! So there is a chance that clients will open your website not only once and will be searching for the new discounted items.

4. Improve your brand value and recognition

Let your brand to be distinguished and more competitive on the online market. Improve the brand image through giving your customers the possibility of saving money. Make your customers aware that they are valuable for your company, and this enhances your brand image.

5. Customer Loyalty

Extremely difficult feature to acquire! Especially when the market is full of easy, available and very competitive digital goods. That is why building more emotional brand attachment is totally necessary! Coupons will help you not only sell products in the immediate perspective, but also boost the probability of long term clients loyalty. Why is it so important? Acquiring a new customer costs nine times more money than making efforts to keep an existing one. So why not be aware the customer loyalty and offer them the exclusive promotions?

6. Satisfied Customer = word-of-mouth recommendations

Word-of-mouth is one of the most persuasive tools to convince the new clients to purchase the brand products. Give people a positive reason to talk about your business and spread the word. Let your existing clients be satisfied your digital goods and services making sure that they will recommend you to their families, friends and people from their immediate surroundings!

7. Save money – limited advertising costs

In many cases you don`t need to pay much costs to help an offer run during the whole promotional period, which saves additional marketing costs. But be aware that your first steps are crucial! although creating coupons and promotional codes can be an easy task with Open eShop, You have to make an effort to raise awareness of an offer accordingly. get the word to targeted clients through e-mails (avoid spamming!), publish news on your website, blog, social media accounts and let the news go viral!

8. Measurable results

Easy to recognize and meet the sales targets, which shows you how many digital coupons will be used (You can limit the number with Open eShop) and how many coupon customers will buy from your website again.

Convinced about the importance of discounts and coupons for selling items online? apply them to your online business and enjoy the results!

Have you had any experiences with coupons and discounts? place a Comment in the section below, share your own experience or simply start offering coupons and discounts now.

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