While selling digital goods, Open eShop offers enables you to give personal support to your clients after they make a purchase, and in this guide I will be explaining how your users can access support system with an explanatory example.

1- Client login:

As you should know, whenever a client makes a purchase on your website they receive an e-mail with a download link to their purchase as well as a notification e-mail that an account has been created with their e-mail at your market.

So your clients can log in to your market and see a panel that looks like this:

Please remember that your clients should use their purchase e-mail to log into your market if they want to get support or access their purchases.

2- Opening a ticket:

Once your users logged into their account at your market they should be able to see a “support” tab at the left side of their panel, once they click it they will find the button “New”.

When a client clicks “New” their ticket opening panel comes up, in which they could put the title and describe whatever they need your help with.

When a user clicks on create then the digital goods store owner will receive an e-mail notifying them that a new ticket was opened, and the user will receive one of the automatic e-mails which you already setup in your panel.

If the issue requires more characters than the current 1000 Character limit then the client can post a part of his issue then a reply to the same ticket with the rest of the issue.

3- Replying to a ticket

Remember that the client has to be logged in with his purchase e-mail to access his support ticket, when a client does that he can see a list of all opened tickets with their status; Opened, held or closed. A ticket is on “hold” status when the client receives a reply from one of the support agents.

To reply the client can simply click on the message shaped button next to the ticket and the reply form will open with all of the previous conversations.

From there, clients can read the full ticket conversation, close their ticket or place a reply.

I have optimized this guide so you can also use the text and images here to post it on your own digital goods store and help your users be more familiar with your support process. Stay tuned to our updates since we’re launching a new release soon to Open eShop with awesome features!

And if you haven’t started your Online store yet then what are you waiting for? Open eShop is for free! and you can get a premium theme for a small amount of 3.49$ a month

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