We feel happy when we’re doing our favorite activities and hobbies, but it feels much better when you can also get money out of it. If you believe that you create something that can be of value to others then don’t hesitate and start selling it, and continue reading because I will be going through the steps for you to start selling.

How to Sell Online

when people ask how to sell things online they get two different answers:

1- To find one of the online shopping sites, upload your product there and start selling through their shop. This way you will be riding on their back and at the same time they will be taking commissions out of each sale. This is not recommended if you’re planning long term.

2- Host your own shop: With this approach you will be the owner of your data, of your files and everything else is in your control, and with the right choices you wont pay any commissions and you will get that successful shop up and running in no time.

I will be going through the second option because it is definitely in your best interest if you want to start selling online.

3 steps to start selling things online:

1- Get a hosting and register a domain name.

Getting a web hosting is quite simple, you just need to get a hosting that is close to you geographically (at the same continent) and make sure that it’s compatible with the online store software that you will get.

For a start I would recommend getting hosting from Inmotion hosting as they are compatible with most online store scripts and they have an easy installation tool (softaculous)

Basically, your domain name and hosting are the only costs you will be paying and start selling your things online, but that is the case if you follow the plan.

2- Get an online store software

Okay now here is the point where you might end up paying commissions or not, some scripts take a fixed amount per sale, some take a percentage per sale. You need to find a script that doesn’t take a percentage nor any commission per sale.

I recommend Open eShop for this, not only because I’m part of the team behind it, but the thing is that this script was created to be a free open source solution for everyone that wants to sell their creations without charging a commission… you gotta love open source!

If you went with Inmotion hosting it would be very easy to get Open eShop running on your website with one click.

3- Start selling

Once your website is up and running you can start uploading files or filling information about the products you want to sell online and publish them. Set up all of your settings including licensing, support days, terms & conditions and payment options.

Keep in mind that although we managed to reduce the software commissions to 0, yet you will still have to pay Paypal or other payments collection platforms commissions.

I hope this was useful, what’s your opinion about this? share it by posting a comment in the section below.

Or simply start selling online now

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