When your online store is becoming more international, changing languages and editing translations will be necessary.  Our OE script offers current translations in two languages:

  • English (US)
  • Spanish

The feature of setting up a new language just with a one click seems to be very easy, isn’t it? So make these simple steps following our hints:

How to change language?

1. Go to your Admin Panel
2. Choose Content > Translations from the left sidebar
3. From the list of available language versions choose your locale
4. Press Activate button next to the locale you’ve chosen
5. The language of your eCommerce Website is already changed!


When your website is already translated, you may wish to change texts and some phrases. Modifying this function is also very simple thing. You can edit translation by clicking yellow button with a pen.

How to translate?

  • Open your Open eShop folder/translations/
  • Create a copy of one of the existing translation files
  • Rename the new file to the language you want to translate to e.g. nl_NL
  • Go to your Admin Panel > Content > Translations
  • Pick the language that you created (as shown in the picture below) and press on Edit
  • Fill the translation boxes with the new text
  • Save
  • Send us the file after everything is done (would help us a lot)


  • Be sure your hosting has the locales (you can check in unix with command locale -a) if not the site will not use the language you choose.
  • You need the .mo file, this is the one that really matters to the system.
  • You might need to change the HTML charset or the collation for your DB depending on your locale.
  • Check the permissions for the files .po .mo the should have 755.
  • For more help please ask in the forum.

Help us improve!

If you would like to translate Open eShop to another language, please feel free to contact us and we would definitely like it if you send us any updated/new version of a translation.

  • alechas

    When you edit a translation error.

    Since you are loged in as admin only you can see this message:

    Use of undefined constant SORT_NATURAL – assumed ‘SORT_NATURAL’

    It’s been loged in Panel->Tools->Logs for more information regarding this error.

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  • http://open-classifieds.com/ Chema

    That’ sue to the version of the PHP, pleas post int he forum so we can help you there better.

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