Creating new pages

To add new pages go to Panel and from Content choose Page from the left sidebar. Press New button.

Fill in the fields:

  • Title: choose the title of the page e.g. Terms of Service
  • Locale: select from the list of available locales the one you’re currently using. Make sure it’s the correct one. Otherwise page won’t be displayed.
  • Description: paste here the content of the page. You can use formatting, include images etc. To paste html switch to Source mode – click last button in the text editor (View source).
  • Seotitle
  • Active: make sure the box is checked, only then the site will be active.

Press Create

After deleting cache (go to Tools > Cache and hit Delete All) your site will be available at URL built according to this scheme:



If you want links to all your pages be always accessible e.g. in the sidebar use Pages widget. To activate it click Appearance > Widgets in the left sidebar of the Panel. Choose widget Pages and hit Create. Choose the place where it will be displayed and it’s title and Save Changes.

Your pages will appear in this widget according to their creation order.

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