Coupons are a great tool for giving special discounts to individual customers, or when you have a deal that comes rarely you could also create a coupon manually each time.

To create a coupon Log in to your Admin Panel, go to eShop tab > Coupons, press New and fill in the following fields:

  • ID product: Which product you wish to apply the coupon on. If none selected would apply to all the products.
  • Name: This is the name of the coupon, and this determines the link given to the beneficiary.
  • Notes: Free text field, useful for future references.
  • Discount Amount: In case you want to cut from product price, input here how much you want to cut.
  • Discount Percentage: Similar to the amount field, but here you could put a percentage of how much you want to cut from the price, and you don’t have to put %.
  • Number Coupons: How many coupons you want to create with the same settings above.
  • Valid Date: After this date the coupon will no longer be valid.
  • Status: you have to check this box if you want the coupon to become active.

Press Submit and your coupon is ready to use.

Now you have two different ways to offer the coupon:

  • give the coupon name to the beneficiary, and then it’s up to theme to input the coupon name at the box when browsing the product.
  • Or you could do the following:
    • Go to the product you selected above, then write at the end of its link something like this:
    • Whateveryouhavebefore/product.html?coupon= and here you need to insert the coupon name.

After you’ve done that test your link and make sure that it’s working, then send it to the beneficiary.

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