Any new purchase that happens on your website is registered as a new order at your admin panel, which is useful to access information about new sales.

But sometimes you might get a payment through a different method than the payment gateways within Open eShop, or you might want to register a cash payment and add it to your sales statistics. here are the steps to do so:

– Log in to your admin panel
– go to eShop tab – > Orders and press on “New

Here you need to fill in the following fields:

Name: the preferred name of the order or client.
Email: The e-mail the product will be sent to and registered with, this field is very important.
Paymethod: How you would like to register the payment method for your order.
Product: Will be selected from a drop-down menu containing all of your products
Currency: Self explanatory. ex USD.
Amount: The payment you want to register
Pay Date: Pick the day you want to register the sale at.
Notes: You have 245 characters to put whatever text you wish to add for future references.

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