Adding categories is essential in case you had different kinds of product sets, to add a new category go to your admin panel, select eShop, select Categories, press on New and fill in the form:

  • Name: Choose a name of product category eg. themes, Services. Basically, this field is the most important, the rest are optional.
  • Order: You can choose the order subcategories will be displayed within a parent category. It’s not obligatory – later you can just use drag & drop to change the order.
  • ID category parent: Choose under which one of existing main categories subcategory will be displayed. Choose Home Category while creating main category. Later categories can be easily moved to other parent.
  • Parent deep: Shows how many levels deep newly created category is under the main one. This doesn’t really have to be set. It will be adjusted automatically.
  • Seoname: Seoname will be autogenerated based on the name of category, but you can also type it if you want it to be different.
  • Description: You can add few words about what is available in this category.

Press SUBMIT After submitting you should see the information: “Success. Item created. Please to see the changes delete the cache”. Continue creating new categories if necessary, delete cache after finishing to see the changes. To delete cache go to: Tools > Cache on the left sidebar and press ‘Delete all’. You can now visit site to see the changes you made. While adding categories you should remember that only 2 levels of categories will be displayed in the theme and be accessible to view from the main page. If you want to add categories deeper its recommended to use the Categories widget (see below).

How to manage categories

Go to Panel – choose Categories on the left sidebar. Managing categories is super easy. If you want to move categories and change their order you just need to drag and drop selected category to the chosen place. To change something e.g. name or description of the category you can click Edit button. To delete category press red button with trash bin. Note that when you delete parent category, subcategories inside of it will be moved level up – to the parent of the deleted category.

Categories widget

Additional options to deal with categories are given by special widget. To activate it go to Panel > Appearance and choose Widgets on the left sidebar. Choose ‘Categories’ widget  from the list and click create. Name the widget’s title and select if you want to display it in a sidebar or footer. You can also keep it inactive. Thanks to this widget navigation between categories is easier. List of categories will be displayed all the time at the side or in the bottom of the page.

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