You already installed Open eShop and your website is up and running, but now you come to the step where you need to add your digital goods to your market.

Here are the steps to add a product:

  • Log in to your Admin Panel
  • Go to Products and press a blue button: New

Once you do that you will get to a form that needs to be filled with the product information (not all fields are mandatory). I will explain each point in that form and what it does exactly (there are some very useful boxes here).

General information

Category: You pick the relevant category from the options that you already created in the categories section.
Price: The proposed price for a product.
Currency: The currency for your product.
Title: Product name.
Description: Input here the text you want to show when users are viewing the product.


Price: Self explanatory.
Price offer: Use this box when you want to make an offer on that product (it would override the original price for a specific period of time).
Offer valid: The end date of the price offer (after that date the original price will be active).

Support Details

Licenses: Indicate how many licenses you want to include with your product.
License Days: Indicate how long the licenses will be valid for.
Support Days: Indicate for how long you want the buyer to have access to support system.

Additional information

Url demo: If you have a demo for your product paste the URL here.
Version: Indicate the version number for the product (if applies).
Skins: If you have different skins for a product you could add them here by typing the name of the skin and hitting Enter on keyboard.
Purchase notes, sent via email: Type whatever you prefer to send to any user that purchases this product.

At the bottom section you could upload screenshots or product images and upload your product file.

When everything is ready press Save.

You could easily show and hide a product by checking and un-checking the “Active” check-box at the bottom.

How do I notify clients of new product release?

When you are updating your product (OE Panel > eShop > Products) at the end of a page there is a checkbox that once selected will send an email to all the buyers of that product notifying them of the new update. See the screenshot below.

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  • Watcharapong Kumsaen

    help me ..I can not upload a product picture on here

  • Chema
  • Vladimir

    Hello, can I sell a bundle of license keys or serial numbers, just upload the txt file with them to the necessary product?

  • Kinan

    Hey Vladimir

    You can create a separate product and input in licenses the number you want the bundle to have:

  • Bheki Masinga

    Hi there. Do you have a tutorial somewhere which descibes how to sell music albums and the individual songs within the albums? Does the script allow for listenstening to short snippets of the individual tracks?

  • Kinan

    Hey Bheki,

    A specific tutorial for music is not available now, but you can post your question at our forums and we can help you from there.

    But what you asked for is available in the script, you can check this dummy music product at our demo: try clicking on the demo button to check how the audio snippet is shown.

    Basically you can add each album as one category and then add each song as a product and assign it to that album when you first add it.

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